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Lizzy Bell


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Posted By:   Robb McCoy
Date:   2018-03-02 23:06:21

We're coming back to St. Louis for a visit. Hoping to get back to Eureka for the first time in years. I think Elizabeth Belle was a baby the last time we were there. Now she's 11, and she still reminds me of Lizzy. She played her first season of fast pitch softball last fall and loved it. In my office right now, there is still a picture of Lizzy and Kelsey together on a canoe at Camp Mo-Val - from our Confirmation Retreat. 

Posted By:   Lisa M. Karl
Date:   2017-12-22 09:56:45

Thinking of you today, Lizzy, I'm sure you continue to watch over everyone you love.  Prayers to all that love you, especially the Bell family!

Posted By:   Lisa M. Karl
Date:   2016-12-22 07:57:11

Thinking of Lizzy today and know she is watching over those that she loves.  Blessings to the Bell family.

Posted By:   Luke
Date:   2016-09-23 10:01:55

Just thought about you today when my mother randomly sent me your poem. I miss you Lizzy, keep watching over all of us.

Posted By:   Lisa M. Karl
Date:   2016-09-09 17:54:19

Happy 26th Birthday Lizzy Bell!  Thinking of you on your special day and remembering many fond memories of you.  Girl Scouts, sports or school, you were always in it to win it and you gave it your all.  You were such a good spirit about it too.  Sure hope this finds you part-a-y-ing in heaven.  Blessings to all that love you and miss you -- especially the Bell family.  Happy Birthday Lizzy!!! 

Posted By:   Lisa M. Karl
Date:   2016-06-01 07:53:27

You popped into my head today and just had to view your photos on the website -- thank heavens for this website whenever I need a Lizzy fix.  Just wanted to say hey girl!  Prayers to all that miss you, especially the Bell family.

Posted By:   Lisa M. Karl
Date:   2015-12-22 19:47:06

Thinking of Lizzy on this important day.  Many miss you and will forever love you. Blessings to the Bell family.

Much love, Lisa M. Karl

Posted By:   Lindsey Allen
Date:   2015-12-22 12:18:06

Love you and miss you, Lizzy Bell!

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