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"My Best Friends"
By Lizzy Bell 2005

Hanging out with Shelby
As she laughs her life away
Into a magical world of wonders.
Going to places that I've never been before.
But having the time of my life
With a very special friend.
She's the one to rest your head on
When your down in the dumps
She'll always be there to back me up
As long as I shall live.

Hanging out with Chelsea
As she sings all her crazy songs
She's like the energizer bunny
Never stopping for a break.
As we drive on the four wheeler
It's like flying through the air
With your best friend right next to you.
Laughing and giggling
As we go over all the hills
We'll always be best friends
No matter what happens through our days.

Hanging out with Kelly
As she rolls on her skateboard
Showing me all her latest tricks.
Playing soccer on and off the field
And sharing each other's secrets
About everything that has happened
In and out through the years.
Having the time of our lives
We will always trust one another
Cuz we'll always be the best of friends
And always trust each other.

Hanging out with Luke
As he plays his hardest in the game
Cuz his heart is set on football
And on the field's where he belongs.
However when he's off the field
His heart is set on all his friends
He'll always be there for me
And his friendship is never ending.
Making me laugh about everything
As I could never possibly never stop
He keeps a smile on my face
As there's always one on his.
And I know he loves me unconditionally
Cuz he has such a caring heart.

Our friendship will never end.
Your best friends are always there for you
Because they will not ever leave your side.
They'll stand by you forever and
Are always your extra hands.
I'll love you guys forever
As you have always loved me.

We all have cried our tears
But I will forever be there
To always dry them up and
To be your leaning shoulder
In all of our darkest times.

People say that life is short
But we all are best friends for eternity
And I'll never leave your side.
There's another big adventure ahead
For all of us to begin.
You all hold special values and
You each have the most special and
Deepest place in my heart.

Our friendship is never ending.
And even if it's past our days,
I will love you guys forever...
With all my heart and soul.


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Lizzy Bell - avid sports player, Loved Winnie the Pooh, Collector of Bears, Lived in the Moment


In Loving Memory
of Elizabeth Bell

September 9 1990 - December 22 2005